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China Technology Innovation Competition

As the automobile industry experiences change driven by Industry 4.0, a Chinese carmaker aspired to lead innovation in automobile design. The client hopes to promote the fusion of practicality, creativity and 'human intuitivity'.

P R O J E C T   O B J E C T I V E S

P R O J E C T   A C H I E V E M E N T S

• Encourage startups as the next generation of automobile innovators

• Promote's client's vision to lead and support innovative development in the automobile industry

H O W   W E   H E L P E D ?

36Kr Global organised and managed the entire innovation challenge including:

• Designing the format of the challenge

• Marketing and recruitment

• Facilitation between client, participating startups and judges for each round of the challenge and offline workshops

Over 3 months, more 600 startups submitted their application to the challenge. After several offline workshops and online judging, 24 finalists were chosen.

The Grand Finals took place in Shenzhen. The 3 winning startups were awarded with cash prizes, vendor qualifications and POC opportunities with the client.

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