By combining our media resources in Asia’s major cities, we can help clients maximize exposure of their branding efforts and announcements in the region.

36Kr Global is committed to bridging information gaps between different regions within China, Japan, SEA, Hong Kong and India. With teams in major cities in Asia, we aim to connect all of the region’s key innovative ecosystems globally.  36Kr Global covers Chinese and international news about technology and the new economy in various languages to serve readers from different geographies. 36Kr Global is rooted to an unparalleled network in the startup ecosystem – 36Kr



Over the past 8 years, 36Kr has accumulated more than 100 million readers. Riding the Chinese startup wave, 36Kr has grown into the country’s leading startup media with a platform of comprehensive services for startups and investors.



KrASIA covers technology business news in Southeast Asia and China. Based in Singapore, we’re rooted in 36Kr, China’s premier media platform offering business solutions to the region’s dynamic startup ecosystem. With our parent’s deep knowledge and expertise in the startup world, and given the budding Southeast Asia innovation landscape, KrASIA, was conceived and called into being to carry on 36Kr’s expertise and legacy of uncovering and helping facilitate innovations.



36Kr Japan brings Chinese technology business news to Japan, looking to bridge the two countries’ innovation ecosystems and facilitate business exchanges and expansions between them. In 2019, we announced the Global Strategic Partnership between 36Kr & NIKKEI, expanding our reach to more audiences around the world.




As two of the largest startup ecosystems in the world by startup numbers, China and India, have been witnessing how innovative technological advancements brought about by their startup outbursts are making significant changes to two of the oldest civilisations on earth and shaping up their modern societies. In 2019, 36Kr launched its operations in India, with a vision to bridge the Chinese and Indian startup ecosystem through media coverage, as well as innovation and investment facilitation. The India editorial team channels local tech news to KrASIA.



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