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By combining our media resources in Asia’s major cities, 36Kr Global aspires to fill the information gap in the world. We do not eliminate global divergence, we bridge it. First connecting Asia, then the world.


36Kr is an unparalleled platform that focuses on Chinese startups and new economy enterprises. With its finger on the pulse of the tech scene, 36Kr has provided debut coverage for over 30,000 startups. This includes 85% of early-stage startups that have received investments—40% of them from top-tier institutions. 36Kr has more than 300m readers worldwide and has published over 200,000 articles. So far, it has over 499m monthly page views.



36Kr Chuhai leverages 36Kr’s network and distribution capabilities to provide unique content and community-building services

for Chinese enterprises setting up

operations abroad.


At present, 36Kr Chuhai is the largest new media platform that consistently serves Chinese companies expanding overseas.



Since its inception, KrASIA has published over 8,000 pieces of content with monthly traffic in excess of 10 million views. It has developed a foothold as the most authoritative media outlet covering the new economy in China, Southeast Asia, and India.


KrASIA’s insights on macroeconomic trends, startups, and growth in these markets makes it the preferred news source for readers who follow cutting-edge transformations in Asia.







36Kr Japan is the only professional media outlet in Japan providing consistent coverage of China’s new economy.


36Kr Japan has ties with local multinational companies and cemented a strategic partnership with Nikkei Asia in 2019. It aims to bridge China and Japan, as well as promote innovation and integration between the two nations.


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Business is not independent of the society it is in. Oasis was incepted to amplify the perspectives of thought leaders on important topics outside of biztech, such as empowerment, diversity, civic responsibility, mental health and more. Since the launch in Q4 2020, the Oasis community has attracted hundreds of members internationally. Our thought leaders include the likes of Seth Godin, Tiffany Yu, Anthony Sar, and Jo Tyndall.

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